Building Futures Now Testimonials

What students say…

“BFN is a place where kids go to become more than just smart. They come here to be scholars. We come here to have fun. I come here to be a better person. All of us come here to be leaders.” – Rodney, BFN 8th grader

“What keeps me coming back to BFN is having extra help and support that I can’t get by myself or at home. I also come back because they actually care for me and my future. They try to do everything that is best. I also come back because I need someone to guide and help me make good decisions for my future.” – Michelle, BFN 7th grader

“BFN is an amazing place. It’s a place where kids can come do work and have fun at the same time. BFN is extraordinary because they help you learn and expand your thoughts.” – Luis, BFN 6th grader

What volunteers say…

“I have been fortunate to be a volunteer at BFN for the last several years. I work with a wonderful group of fourth and fifth graders on their reading comprehension. It is so personally rewarding to work with enthusiastic, engaged students who want to learn. I feel lucky that I have found a non-profit that is truly making a difference in the lives of underserved children. These children deserve the chance to soar and with BFN they can and will soar.” – Timi Most, BFN Volunteer

What partners say…

“The BFN little sisters never cease to amaze the Castilleja big sisters, whether it is covering science oriented curriculum or simply spending time doing community engagement work together and catching up on how each other is doing. Together, big and little sisters support one another in learning strategies…. The relationships built are about being positive role models and inspiring each other to be your true self and being proud of that.” – Luz Deras, Halford Program at Castilleja School